What is EPIC Card Voter ID Election Card – Application online Check status

EPIC card stands for Electors Photo Identity Card which is the official Voter ID card or the Election card issued by the Government of India to each eligible citizen to cast votes from their respective assembly constituencies. You can apply for EPIC card online from August 2020 with simple application form and check status of your card after registration. Now Government has made it compulsory to link Aadhaar card with Voter ID card (EPIC card) through online seeding process. This has allowed authenticated results and thus removes bogus voters and duplicate voter’s name in the official voter list online.

EPIC card ensures that an individual is eligible for voting during elections of respective state. It also contains a unique Voter ID card number that can be used for Government communication purposes for any matter relating to problems, applications, corrections and availing the card.

In this article, we have covered the steps for applying online for EPIC Card and then checking status of that Election Voter ID Card online. The process of Aadhaar card seeding with Voter ID card is also mandatory for each individual so as to verify their citizenship and cast their votes during election time.

How to apply online for EPIC card through CEO Portal

If you don’t posses your Voter ID card, then you can always apply online through application form process available at Chief Electoral Officer’s web portal for each state. Alternatively you can also use NVSP’s customer service to register your name in Electoral roll of your AC in the respective state.

EPIC Card Details

Any eligible Indian citizen aged above 18 years can apply for the card with valid proof of identity and address. In the application form online, you have to provide full name in English and regional language, personal information as per your proof documents available.

Select your Part number, Vidhan sabha, constituency from state and district options.

Upload specific scanned documents of Proof of Identity and Proof of Address available with you with Date of Birth proof (optional). Click on submit to send your details to the nearest BLO officer of your part number.

This completes the online application process, and you will receive your card after 2-3 months of time. It will be distributed to you with the respective officers of each constituency.

How to check status of EPIC card details online

If you have applied recently, then search your name in the official Electoral roll or Voter list online through Voter ID status check. Select your state, district and then assembly constituency from the list.

Type your name to be exact as per EPIC card registration, father’s name / husband’s name, age details. Hit search to see your name in search results of Voter ID card check page.

Aadhaar Card link to Voter ID Card mandatory for verification process – EPIC Seeding process

Click on your name to open the profile information page, where you can get polling station serial number, polling booth address, house address, parent’s name and all details. Alternatively you can also check your name in PDF E-Rolls online and download the copy as reference to your name addition in voter list.

Link Aadhaar card with Voter ID Card online through EPIC Seeding

Your EPIC card remain invalid unless you link your Aadhar card to Voter ID online and this step acts as an authentication of your identity to eliminate duplicate voters from the official electoral list. This process has started few months back and is nearing completion for all states.

If you haven’t got EPIC card seeding yet, then we advise you to do it immediately before your name gets struck from Electoral roll of respective state. This card acts as a gateway to caste your votes during Loksabha, General, State and Vidhan sabha election, so preserve it at the earliest!

If you are facing any issues while accessing the EPIC Card details, please comment below with details so that we can check and let you know the status from our end.

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