How to get your article published in Times of India

Times of India, the leading English daily newspaper in the world requires authors to be skilled and natural in their own way. Today we will talk about how one can get their articles, poems, views, and even feedbacks to get published in Times of India newspaper. Usually TOI examines it’s authors and their genre to place them perfectly in the required categories, but you can contribute equally well if you are professional in your qualities as a freelancer. If you aren’t aware of what TOI looks from their contributors, you can follow the post below to get more details about the same. Getting yourself published in Times of India is not at all tough, but requires a level of apprehensive communication and interpersonal skill to engage your readers too.

What is Times of India all about?

Talking of India’s largest English daily, TOI turned its tide when Benett, Coleman & Co. started TOI in India as a part and parcel of English newspaper in 1838. Since then, it never looked back as it became the world’s most read newspaper by 2013. As a reader, you feel the privileged when you subscribe for the same.

So while reading a newspaper, what kind of articles you expect from your mind? Articles that surely has some benefit for the society and readers is your first choice while dealing with the things, but you also need to look few back scripts that sometimes is overlooked by a professional writer.

Qualities and Level of Articleship required in Times of India

No matter where you live around the world, the level of understanding your own article writing preaches success in the way. Engaging readers is the most difficult part in today’s fast living world. Write brief but write golden is the mantra for TOI’s success over the years. They have stretched more on providing news and engaging people’s thoughts through various mediums.

Justifying to what I said earlier, if you fail to give the X-factor to your articles, you may end up on the losing road even if you have an high quality article well researched. Use those magic words, vocabulary in your approach to article writing before heading for a publish. TOI examines each and every words of your articles when you approach for their articleship for any given day. You need to first practice and read few TOI news scripts to understand what level it comprehends to make readers more engaging.

If you have written for the sake of publishing, you need to forget the dreams of getting your name up there surely! A well balanced, natural, error free, chronological setup shall give a perfect balance to your articles.

What type of articles, poems or even views are looked in TOI?

Don’t look for saturated topics like “How to perform well in an examination” or even like “IPL News and Stats”, “Online Shopping Revolution”. These topics are saturated and will attract no readers even if you have written a fine tuned article.

Look for topics that are helpful in the regular world, will benefit people and understanding the level of problems among the people. These shall enlighten your views more strongly and will look precise and in-depth. Example: “Tips to tune your mind, body and soul in weekends”, “Will Indian cricket survive after MS Dhoni” , “Ways to double-fold your PPF Savings in 10 years”.

A little research, or your own experience shall count on making things successful. If you have any suggestion, you can welcomed to post your views below. I shall revert back to you if neede any help.

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