Jabalpur Voter List 2021 Check name with Photo PDF list online

CEO of Madhya Pradesh (MP) has announced the latest Jabalpur Voter List 2020-2021 online. You can now check / search your name details with photo and download the PDF copy of official voter list for your reference. The municipal corporation election voters list has been updated to include names newly registered in electoral roll summary this year. The district list contains details of candidates who have applied recently this year.

The following assembly constituency has been included in the voter list E-Roll summary 2021: Patan, Bargi, Jabalpur Cantt, Jabalpur East, Panagar, Jabalpur North, West and Sihora.

There are three methods through which you can check your details. The first is by name wise check, through which you can verify your details at the outset by name wise search, the second is by looking into the official and final list prepared by BLO officer in respective polling zones approved by the CEO.

How to check your details name wise in Electoral voter list online

You can search for your details by entering your name to be exact which was entered during your voter id registration. Provide your father’s name, surname and age (optional) in the checking form and hit search. It will show a message about your details as per your name search.

Here you can check your address, polling station booth number, serial number, constituency details and keep a copy for your reference. It will also show a tentative list of all those candidates with similar names or surnames in your respective constituency.

Optionally you can search via EPIC card number if already received by you through BLO. To ensure, you are in the official list, type your identity card number and hit search. It will show a message about your status in respective zonal voter list. This is the easiest and best method to check details online.

How to check your status in PDF draft and final E-Rolls published online

To know your details in the official list declared for each polling station booth level, kindly select your district as Jabalpur and then select your respective constituency as indicated in the list above. It will show up a list of respective polling station names where candidates are registered.

Select your respective polling booth name and go ahead by clicking on the PDF file displayed online. This file will contain details of all newly registered candidates with photo availability status details. Kindly look at the snapshot below for more details:

Madhya Pradesh – Jabalpur Voter list online

If you have any query regarding your name not published, registration problems, you can drop in your comments below and we will take care of the rest!

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