Kidzee Preschool Franchise Cost Profits Business Review

Kidzee – India’s number one ranked preschool for kids is now open for franchise opportunities across India and abroad. Please check the requirements of franchise, cost / amount of investment and ROI / profits expected from starting play school. We have mentioned the entire details in terms of process, expected business model, brochure, application form, fees and profit / returns on investment. Kidzee being one of the best preschools in India never charge any royalty fees in running the organization.

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It is being stated that Kidzee has become one of the most profitable franchise business opportunity for members in 2016 year. It stands among the top 75 successful franchises of India last year and number one among preschools and play schools within the country.
The establishment of Kidzee is based out of New Delhi and they follow the education curriculum and practices strictly as per CBSE school based standards of learning.
This might be the question for many people who are opting to develop their business plan in starting a new play group / school in their city. Kidzee has ranked among the most profitable school franchises across the entire Asia. They have 1750 centres across 600 cities spread across the country.

Kidzee Preschool Franchise Opportunity – Cost and Returns / Profits – Best Play School in India
According to Times Business, Kidzee has consistently delivered the best education within the minds of kids ranging from 2 to 3 years. Not only it’s the brand that stands out, the opportunity of best education for kids is also something they have always kept in mind without compromising the quality.

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They have a very minimal criteria for setting up the franchise opportunity which we have discussed below and other requirements that should be met before applying online for a valid preschool setup with Kidzee.

Kidzee Preschool Franchise Requirements, Cost and Amount of Investment

As per standards and level of education, they have set a minimum criteria for the cost of investment based on city and state of expansion.
The minimum amount of Investment / Cost is Rs.12,00,000/- to 17,00,000/- which changes based on location of city and district within the state.

Now regarding what extra requirements are needed, here’s a list of the same:
1. If you are planning to open within a residential location – It’s allowed, however you need to maintain a minimum carpet area of 2000 to 3000 square feet at your house. No franchise units shall be allowed to open in areas of industrial disturbance, units, petroleum and chemical effected locations to safeguard kids health.
2. Your house should be an independent bungalow or villa having outdoor play area with boundary wall protecting the area. Kidzee does not give permission to open franchise in residential flats.
3. Your initial investment costs will be carried on development model and equipment setup cost at your home. The remaining amount will be refundable security deposits.

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4. Franchise owners will have a separate training program at Kidzee official house in New Delhi to make them understand the business model and run it efficiently without any hassles. The staff members like teachers and assistant teachers shall be given training on latest curriculum being taught on daily basis and following child friendly practices.
5. There is no surplus investment involved and profits are dependent upon your location of school and other factors.

Kidzee Preschool Franchise Model Profits and Returns Expected

The profits will depend upon the current running system adopted by Kidzee franchise and business development team will finalize it based on your training accounts.
You are slated to receive 100 percent profits on school fees and Kids Development Fees

There is also no royalty fees adopted by Kidzee Play school group to expand their success across various cities in India. Here’s a general breakup of profit margins calculated based on Kidzee franchise opening in Delhi:
School admission fee per student: Rs.10,000/-
School Tuition fees and books included: Rs.30,000/- (Yearly)
Examination Fees: Rs.1000/- (Yearly)
Child Development Fees: Rs.10,000/- (Yearly)
Refundable Security Deposit: Rs.5000/-
If you look at the above example, one child taking admission provides Rs.56,000/- per year in total. Even if you exclude books and other development material, one can get Rs.50,000/- per year.
Now there are 25 students in one class and in total they have 5 sections – Means 125 school students. You can definitely see the growth and profits of investing in such a brand.

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