Mumbai Metro Rail Timetable Timings 2015 Latest in Mumbai

The latest updated Mumbai Metro Rail Timings 2015 has been published for convenience of Mumbai people. You can check Mumbai Metro Rail Timetable 2015 online through official Metro checker. The official Mumbai Metro Train Timetable is now officially available online and you can check the ticket price fares for Metro trains in Mumbai in all three phases. Currently metro rail will be inaugurated for Line 1 for Phase 1 project.

The Line 1 is a connecting terminal length spanning across stations like Versova from Western suburb in Andheri to Eastern part – Ghatkopar. The line will stretch for about 12 km length that includes twelve terminal stations. The ticket prices are set to be uniform for a period of 10 years, however the official declaration is yet to come from MMRDA, Mumbai. The Maharashtra Government earlier gave nod to trial run for Line 1 connection in May 2013, but got delayed due to constructional issues and costs. However the scheduled release of opening is set by March, 2014 as deadline date.

Break-up of Timings for Line 1 status of Mumbai Metro Rail 2015

As per sources, the timings will be flexible, and here’s a briefcase of its break-up:

MORNING SCHEDULE: Versova will facilitate three metro trains running in every 20 minutes interval starting from morning 6 am. This will continue upto 9 am after which schedule shall be widened by 30 minutes gap. Each will run upto Ghatkopar covering 12 km gap.

Ghatkopar will have three metro trains running every year to Versova which means 9 trains for three hours upto 9 am, after which schedule shall be delayed by 30-35 minutes gap.

EVENING SCHEDULE: It is likely to have 4 trains running every 15 minutes gap each from Ghatkopar and Versova to reduce evening rush.

ALL DAY SCHEDULE: The normal schedule after 10 am in the morning upto 5 pm in the evening shall include trains every 35 minutes interval covering 12 kilometres within 30 minutes.

Ticketing Fares normalized by MMRDC

Well when we say about the fares, the Government will introduce very prolific and attractive monthly options for regular people and handy fares for local people in random. The fares shall be as under as per MMRDC:-
1. Fare from Versova to Ghatkopar : Rs.27/-
2. Fare from Ghatkopar to Versova : Rs.27/-
3. Fare from Versova to Airport road : Rs.16/-
4. Fare from Ghatkopar to Western Express highway: Rs.18/-

The latest release will be declared by MMRDC soon when they release the information about the opening of other lines.

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