Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya Biography Wiki Profile – Shreya Ghoshal’s Husband

Shreya Ghoshal recently tied her knot with her childhood friend Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya. For all those who are wondering, who Shiladitya is, he hails from a popular technology background. Shreya Ghoshal and Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya posted their marriage photo selfie online which went viral to their fans. It was the old traditional Bengali marriage ceremony attended by their close relatives and family members known to them. The wedlock ceremony was held in Mumbai where both have their families residing with them.

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Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya

Shiladitya, an Electronics Engineer by profession and known to be a tech enthusiast since his college days. He obtained his degree from University of Mumbai and later started his own career as an Entrepreneur. His first startup was Rasilant Tech which is focused on latest technology updates for their clients and providing them unique solutions through various sectors of market promotions.

He is the founder of an app called Hipcask which gives people information about various wines, whisky and beers. As of now, he is concentrating more on developing apps and working on various projects of his group Rasilant Technologies. It is learned that both Shreya and Shiladitya were dating for years and years since their childhood times until they finally decided to tie their knot for a happier life ahead.

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Shreya and Shiladitya Marriage Photo

Shreya Ghoshal’s Marriage and their life in Mumbai

After their ceremony, both were seen in a cute little pic that gave enough hint to their fans that they were finally married. They dated each other since they landed in Mumbai about 12 years back and came into an official relationship only 5 years back.

Initially Shreya tweeted that she was quite nervous and at the same time excited for the coming time and asked for blessings from their fans. Little did her fans know it was all about the secret wedding that would be taking place! Finally she tweeted with the pic saying she marriage his long time boyfriend and beau Shiladitya in a private affair marriage ceremony.

Indeed many of us and their fans held to some shocking news but it was never too late to declare the same! Both will be holding an officially party for all their close friends and media which will see them come together once again in a ceremony in Mumbai.

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  1. subrat

    great under standing with marriage

    1. real blogger

      Great misunderstanding… By shreya..
      But you should keep some understanding.. Ch..

  2. Unknown

    best couple in the world.
    Prakash Ranjan

    1. real blogger

      Very bad matching couple in the world.
      chasma lagwane ka time aa gaya hai..
      Go to hospital.

  3. Anonymous

    voice and beauty with a BC….

  4. Anonymous

    Bahot lucky ho yaar Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya shreya ji congratulations ,Shiladitya ji aapko bhai .

  5. Anonymous

    have a nice and cute life together. hope you are always in an healthy relationship!!! love you shreya:)

  6. Unknown

    seriously……… a true love of Sherya ji nd Shiladitya ji

  7. Rama Sadhu

    Happy Married Life, May God bless you both

  8. lata.kulkarni

    Congrats to Shreya and Shailadiya..
    Happy married life..May God bless you both..

  9. Unknown

    Congratulations you both…..

  10. Unknown

    congrats you both and best luck for future…..

  11. Anonymous

    congrats to the bestiest and sweetest couple in the world

    1. real blogger

      Chasma lagwa jaker…best couple kaha se dikh gaya. Very unmatched

  12. Anonymous

    Love you both…
    Always love the shreya goshal voice love you dear sista …

    1. real blogger

      Yes…i agree
      Shreya ko bhagwan ne voice to di
      Par dimag dena bhool gaya

  13. Unknown

    Expecting a reply to my above comments, if it really touches you and feels as truth. Msrao jayadurganagar berhampur orissa

  14. Unknown

    Both of you made for each other. SHREYA,S VOICE IS UNIQUE. May God bless both of you long life with happiness
    Msrao jayadurganagar berhampur orissa

    1. real blogger

      Lo….isko bhi chasma lagwane ki jaroorat hai..
      Kaha se made for each other lagta hai…rao

    2. Unknown

      What made you think of this they don't match each other..we obsessed with beautiful with handsome but why can't we think of a other moderate good looking guy..

  15. Unknown

    Our comments are remaining as such without response. Hence we are discouraged to convey our feelings.

  16. Unknown

    No use of recording comments when these are remain uncared and perused.

  17. Unknown

    Shiladitya is not viewing and replying.There is no necessity of having this page in site. Better to remove it.

  18. Unknown

    Shiladitya is not viewing and replying.There is no necessity of having this page in site. Better to remove it.

  19. Unknown

    Since no body from Mukhopadhya or GHOSHAL side is acknowledging or replying it is mere fun and waste for seeking comments. it is better to wind up such site.

  20. Unknown

    Hoping my earlier comment will attract the attention, we expect reply at the earliest.

  21. Unknown

    Jodi not good.not matching

    1. Unknown

      gand jali kya teri………

    2. real blogger

      Kyu re ugly shiladitya ke chamche…tujhe kya is jodi me radha shyam nazar aati hai chutiye

  22. Unknown

    Bangalir gorbo….proud of bangali….

  23. Unknown

    congratulations….#$umit Majumder

  24. Anonymous

    Shreya husband is not so handsome….!!!
    Couple is not matching…!!!

  25. Anonymous

    gand jali kya teri………

    1. real blogger

      Kyu re ugly shiladitya ke chamche…tujhe kya is jodi me radha shyam nazar aati hai chutiye

  26. Unknown

    Happy married life shreya ji

  27. Unknown

    Happy married life shreya ji God bless you..

  28. Anonymous

    Langoor Kay Mun Main Angoor

  29. Unknown

    The best couple in the world

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